• Weekend Away

    Weekend Away

  • Discussion at Balham cafe

    Discussion at Balham cafe

    Simple English Conversation

  • Weekend away

    Weekend away

  • Firework Night

    Firework Night

  • Fun on a weekend away

    Fun on a weekend away

  • French night

    French night

    Moustache Game

  • Weekend Away

    Weekend Away

    How many people can we fit in a phone box?

  • Cake


  • Balham International Cafe

    Balham International Cafe

  • Weekend Away

    Weekend Away

    Taking a walk in the countryside


Are you new to this country? If so, then the International Café Balham would like to warmly welcome you. We meet every Monday from 7:30pm – 9:30pm at Bertie and Boo’s Cafe in Balham. The café can help you to practice your English in a friendly atmosphere where you can meet and make English friends too. The café is organised by local Christians and during the evening there will be a short talk.